如何自行解鎖Windows 10忘記的密碼

雖然從Windows 8開始,微軟都推薦用戶使用微軟賬戶登入系統,但是這個在線賬戶會自動同步用戶的許多設定及檔案資訊到其他的裝置中,所以很多用戶還是會選擇使用本地賬戶登入Windows 10。

不少用戶可能會為自己使用的賬戶設定複雜的登入密碼以便提高賬戶的安全性。但是用戶往往在設定完過於複雜及毫無關聯性的密碼後,會忘記了自己設定的密碼是什麼,從而被鎖在了Windows 10作業系統外。


但是如果沒有預先創建的密碼重設光碟,如何操作才可無損Windows 10賬戶內的檔案資訊,進入作業系統?使用專業的Windows面膜重設軟體 - Renee Passnow即可快速自行解鎖Windows 10忘記的面膜!點選此處了解如何快速解決Windows 10登入密碼!

  • 即使您沒有密碼重設光碟,也可在無法登入系統的情況下,快速創建新的密碼重設光碟!
  • 簡單幾步即可移除Windows 10登入密碼,無損賬戶檔案資訊!
  • 另外,軟體還支援將Windows 10/8.1/8的Microsoft帳戶(微軟帳戶)轉換為本地帳戶,助您快速進入系統。
  • 操作簡單易懂,無需相關專業知識即可進行操作。

Get Better Protection to Data Folders - Password Protect Folders with Script

When we thinking of data protection, the first and safest method come into our mind is to password protect them. However, there are so many methods on the internet and how to choose a suitable one?

And the method recommend by most blogger is to protect folder with Script. Is it safe enough? Here we will go through this method. This script will modify the property of the folder and rename the target folder, which will hide the folder at last. Once you enter the password in the script file, the folder will be shown. However, it just hide the folder instead of locking it. Others can get access to data inside with simple operation. So, this method suitable for preventing those who do not know much about computer.

What is Batch Script?
Batch process could be regarded as a simplified script which has been widely used in DOS and Windows system. This script will be run by DOS or Windows built-in interpreter (usually to be COMMAND.COM or CMD.EXE). These scripts are with extension of .bat or .cmd.

Besides, creating the script and changing data inside sometimes could be annoying. Because if you make a mistake, all the script will be invalid. And folder protected with this method is easy to be crack. Other users just need to make operation to show all hidden folders, then your protected folders will not under protection any more.

Here we make conclusion of the advantages and disadvantages of locking folder with script: Advantages:
Easy to go. The only thing you need to do is to save the script and make the operation. It does not need any complicated operation or professional knowledge. Whatever the size of target folder, whole process will not take too much time.

No safe and is easy to be cracked.
Does not support to lock a batch of folder at a time.

 And if you want to get better protection to your folders, there are still other ways provided on the Internet, like using compression software which are equipped with password protection function and some third party folder lock software like Renee File Protector which are professional at folder lock and data protection. Besides, Windows account authority and sharing settings are also helpful, but these two methods are limited by situation.
Click here for more about each method. 

三步快速提升Windows 10電腦表現性能!

Windows 10至今已經推出2年多的時間了,不少Windows 10用戶開始覺得電腦上的Windows 10的性能表現大不如前,如何才可快速提升Windows 10的表現性能呢?不少用戶除了會為電腦增加內存外,還可能考慮為電腦更換性能表現更加的SSD硬碟!


專業的系統遷移及硬碟克隆軟體 - Renee Becca可助您簡單三步將Windows 10作業系統遷移至SSD,并保留源系統碟中所有的檔案資訊,當然您也無需再進行各種相關的設定,因軟體在為您遷移系統的過程中會一同保留相關的設定!遷移完成後,可立即使用新的SSD硬碟進行開機啟動。


立即點選此處了解如何快速將Windows 10作業系統遷移至SSD!

Free Transfer All Data & Windows 10 in HDD to SSD

It is so common that Windows 10 users want to replace HDD with SSD to improve the performance of computer system and the software. However, sometimes it is not so easy to make it because you do not know how to preserve the Windows 10 system inside the HDD. And system reinstall in the new SSD could be annoying, which may stop parts of users to make the replacement.

However, you can replace the HDD with SSD and reserve all the data including system! How? With professional disk clone software - Renee Becca, you can transfer all the data including system to the SSD in 3 simple steps! Totally free and easy to go! SSD could boot the computer after transfer.

Click here to get more about how to free clone HDD to SSD with 3 simple steps!

  • No need to make any preparation before making the clone!
  • User does not need to know any professional computer knowledge. 
  • Automatically 4K alignment! Improve your SSD performance. 
  • 3 simple clicks you can make the transfer without any problem. 

Besides disk clone function, you can also migrate Windows 10 to SSD only (Click here to get more),  make automatic backup for system/disk/folder/files. 

Windows 10 Password Reset Tool - Directly Remove Password without Data Lost

Forgot Windows 10 login password is not such a big deal now. Sometimes you may forgot it because it is too complicated or after a long time of no use. Sometimes, accident just happens without sign. For example, in Windows 10 sometimes, system will not accept the login password even you are sure it is right. 

At this moment, you may want to find a perfect way to remove the forgotten or not accepted Windows 10 login password. 

However, all the recommend possible methods in Microsoft are not suitable for you. You do not have the pre-created Windows password reset disk. It is the only account on your PC and you do not want to reset whole system which will lead you to lost all the data. 

New Solution!

Now, you can get a helpful Windows 10 password reset tool - Renee Passnow, which can help you remove the password directly without data lost.

You do not need to provide any possible password combination or personal related information. Renee Passnow will reset the password for you in minutes. Just a few simple clicks you can make it. Click here to get detailed reset process!

How to Secure Folder with Password in Windows

Every day we save and make use of files in our computer. Part of them could be classified or you do not want others like your children to access your files. At this moment, secure folder with password could be the best choice for you. You can set the password which just you know! This method is quiet effective and secure.

However, you found many different methods on the Internet. Confusing about which one is the most suitable one for you? Here are some main methods provided on the Internet.

Please refer to the following link for detailed comparison and lock/secure process of each method:

Method 1: Secure Folder with Script

This method add password to folder via system script. However, parts of computer users think this method is not safe at all. Because it could be easily cracked by other user without the password.

lock the target folder with script

Method 2: Secure Folder with Software Like WinRar, Winzip and 7 Zip

Comparing with system script, this method is much safer and secure. But it still could be copied and cracked with freeware online. Besides, if the size of your folder is large, you may need to spend hours to compress and decompress.

enter password for the compressed folder

Method 3: Secure Folder with Folder Properties 

This method is simple and easy to go. But if others login the same account with you, this secure will not work. 

choose encrypt to secure data to lock target folder

Method 4: Lock Folder with Account Authority

This method is suitable for those who need to share files via network. Similar to method 3, this method also make use of the built-in function of Windows – others need the account and password from you when accessing your shared folder. Under this circumstance, other will not know the folder name. Although the security of this method is good, it does not improve the difficulty of cracking. Related cracking method will be provide later.

share successfully

Method 5: Lock Folder with Renee File Protector 

Renee File Protector is designed to provide overall protection to data in your external memory devices and local disk. You can secure folder with multiple functions inside:

  • Password Protect: Add password to files/folders/partitions in local disk, external disk and shared folder. 
  • Hide Data: You could hide data in local disk, external disk. This hide function is totally different from built-in function in Windows. Hidden data will not shown even you make the show settings in folder properties. 
  • Monitor: Any activity of the targets which has been added to the monitor list will be recorded. You can check the log at anytime.
  • Protect from Modification: Enable others to check the protected data but can not modify or delete the protected data in local disk.

How to Crack Forgotten Windows 10 Password

Forgot Windows login password is so common around us. But if the login password you forget for is Windows 10, it may lead to another situation. Because Windows 10 upgrade the security settings in Windows 10. Password cracking methods which could work on Window 8.1, 8, 7 or XP could be failed.
But we still have chance to turn it around. Here we can try the methods below.

Method 1: Reset Password Reset Disk

If you have created a password reset disk for your account in Windows 10 before you lose access to your account, you can easily bypass the the password without any help from third party software. (Administrator and local users are available.)

Method 2: If you are using Microsoft Account

The only method provided from Microsoft is to reset the login password online (password reset page for Microsoft account). However, sometimes this method may be failed to work. 

Now , you want to find some easy way to reset the password? Try Renee Passnow which is specially design to reset/remove the Windows password in minutes. 
  • Just 4 simple clicks you can regain access to your account. Whole reset process will not damage data inside the account. 
  • Support cracking password for local account and administrator.
  • For Microsoft account, Renee Passnow will turn it into local account, which can help you access to the data inside quickly.
  • Renee Passnow directly removes the password instead of guess the password.
Click here to get more about how to reset Windows 10 password with Renee Passnow!

How to Lock Specific USB Folder with Password

Just want to password protect a single folder or some specific folders on your USB or flash drive?  And want to make sure it can protect the folders on every computer you insert your flash drive to?

Of course you can. With Renee File Protector, you can password protect specific folders on flash drive/USB at will.

  • No need to decrypt or encrypt everytime you want to view or change the data inside.
  • No need to install the software on the other computers you insert the flash drive.
  • 3 steps you can protect the folders with password.
  • Two types of password are available. 
  • Guest password is provided. 
  • Besides password protecting folders in flash drive, it can also protect hard disks, shared folders and external hard drives. 
  • Free version is available!

How to Solve Lost Windows 10 Password

Forget the login password of your Windows 10 password is not so shame as you believe. Because lots of computer users meet the similar situation. Then problem comes "Can we login in to the computer without the lost password without lost any data? " Of course you can! Try the following methods.

Method 1:

Your Windows 10 user account is almost a Microsoft account which you can recover the password via Microsoft.
Go to Microsoft's Sign in page and then click "Can not access your account"after entering the email address. All you need to do next is to follow the instructions of resetting the login password.

Method 2: 

However, method 1 won't work if you are using the administrator or local account. Then you need a password reset disk which you need to create before you lost your login password. Do not have such disk? No problem. Let's move to Method 3.

Method 3:

Remove the password with other account which is administrator or with administrator privilege. But the account you lost password for is the only account in Windows 10, then system will recommend you to reinstall the system.

As we all know, system reinstall will erase all the data inside the account without trace! Just make it like a brand new computer. Do not want that? Is there any possible method which can help to solve this situation?

Of course! Try professional Windows password recovery tool - Renee Passnow! Solve your lost/forgotten Windows 10 password in 4 simple steps. No need of any professional knowledge or possible password combinations.


Click How to Reset Windows 10 Password without Reset Disk for more information!


隨著SSD價格的下降及其超越HDD的優越表現性能,日益受到電腦用戶的青睞。同事,越來越多的電腦用戶開始將系統安裝到讀寫速度更快的SSD固態硬碟中。那麼如果想保留電腦中已經安裝的作業系統及相關的程式,則可免除重灌系統及重新安裝相關軟體的煩惱。那麼,您可考慮使用Renee Becca,簡單三步即可無損完成整個轉移過程,直接一步到位,無需耗費時間額外製作映像檔案,也無需購買額外的配置。

  • 無需事先確認SSD與HDD的分區格式是否相同,Renee Becca會自動為您轉換格式。
  • 簡單三步即可完成遷移。
  • 不需自行格式化SSD。