Using Windows 10 but Forgot Admin Password

You may found yourself forget the administrator password of Windows 10 after a long time of no-use. It is not a terrible thing if you handle it in a right way.

According to Microsoft, there are several ways to remove the forgotten Windows 10 admin password:

Method 1: Password Reset Disk.

You can reset the administrator password with the pre-created password reset disk. However, not everyone of us have the foresight to create the password reset disk before hand.

So, here comes to the Method 2.

Method 2: Using other local account which has the administrator privilege. 

But what if it is the only one account in the computer? Then you have to reinstall Windows 10 according to Microsoft. Of course, system reinstallation will lead to data lost.

So, is there any method which can remove the password and preserve all the data at the same time? Yes! Renee Passnow can help you. 3-steps remove your password easily. No need of any related knowledge. 5 minutes for whole reset process without data lost.

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