Solved: Forgot the Login Password on Windows 7. Fastest way to solve it.

Suddenly found you forgot the login password on Windows 7? Then you found that you do not have the password reset disk? Does it mean that you have to reinstall the system and lost all data inside the account?

Absolutely Not! Then you may ask what the fastest way to solve the forgotten password is. Here are some provided solutions:

Slower one: Try to Guess the Windows 7 password you forgot.

You may think this is an ironic behavior. But this often works. Before we jump to some high tech solution, you can have a guess.

Even highly complicated passwords are often inspired by some place, date, people and even food in our daily lives.  You can try the different combination of the following possible codes:

  • A favorite food?
  • The phone number of somebody important
  • The things you value
  • Birthday of you or somebody else
  • Your home or office address
  • ......
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  • No need of any professional knowledge.
  • Save both time and money.

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